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Stop Smoking

With the law on smoking restrictions in public places in force, there is more interest than ever before in methods of stopping smoking effectively. Many people report that using patches and attending no-smoking clinics is useful up to a point but that they are still struggling.

Like most addictions you do have to be consciously determined to stop. I help with the subconscious thinking - the part of the mind that controls habits. This mind is more powerful than your normal waking thinking as it governs your emotions and resulting behaviours. With hypnosis you can help your subconscious mind to shift its old habit focus on to good health, more energy and fitness and of course saving money for what you really want to spend it on.
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Weight Control

Unlike smoking we all need to eat. But you may feel out of control of it and fed up of feeling overweight and unable to wear clothes you'd like to. These feelings can hit your self-esteem and make you feel depressed or out of sorts.

But there all sorts of dietary problems which hypnotherapy can help address, such as bulimia and eating fads like refusing to eat vegetables, and so on.

Suggestion therapy can help to bring about quick changes and use of more analytical hypnosis helps to trace down the real source of the problem, which can sometimes stem back many years. The real interest in this is not so much the history but how you change things now to improve the situation. Again there has to be a real decision to change and it's worthwhile considering therapy as part of an overall regime of proper diet and at least moderate exercise. Contact me for more information about your own situation.
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Anxiety and Stress

Sometimes people fail to notice the symptoms of anxiety or the effects that a stressful situation is having on their mental well-being, but if you've felt yourself having difficulty concentrating, have become irritable and fatigued a lot of the time, then there may be an emotional imbalance in operation which is causing these anxiety symptoms. Quite alot of the time people quite naturally 'bounce back' but there are times when this doesn't happen and if left to its own devices may result in panic disorder or more generalised anxiety.

Advanced hypnotherapy really makes a difference in being able to deal with anxiety and stress-related symptoms in a brief and focussed way compared to traditional counselling or 'talk therapy'. The main difference being that hypnosis helps you address the subconscious root of the problem directly in a few sessions, which sometimes years of conscious psychotherapy cannot. I am quite happy to discuss the details of your situation and recommend what you should do next.
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Past Life Regression; Life Between Lives

A fascinating experience using hypnotic age regression techniques for Past Life Regression, often revealing very interesting facts about lives you have lived before. Sometimes there are specific details you can check and emotional or physical symptoms (especially ones that do not respond to other treatments) can have their origins in a past life. This subject is no longer so much shrouded in secrecy as a number of TV programmes including GMTV have featured filmed examples.

Life Between Lives. I have specialised training in helping you to regress to this very special period. If you have past life, then this period is the transition point and has great spiritual and emotional significance. Find out what effect decisions and perceptions of this special time has had and continues to have on your present life. Please contact me for more information.
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And a lot more...

Hypnotherapy can help with a wide variety of problems, symptoms and performance improvements. The following is by no means an exhaustive list. If you cannot see what you would like help with please ask and I can advise.

Biting nails
Cheek Biting
Stammering and Stuttering
Stopping Smoking
Thumb Sucking
Weight Loss and Dietary Problems
Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Bereavement and Loss
Fear of Flying
Interview and Interview Technique
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Job Related Stress
Phobia & Fear, Lack of Confidence
Public Speaking

Driving Anxiety
Driving Test
Sales Motivation
Sports Performance e.g. fitness, golf

Child birth -
* Ante-Natal (Including Morning Sickness)
* Control Of Pain In Labour
* Post-Natal Recovery
ME and MS symptoms-pain and fatigue
Menopause Symptom
Pain Relief or Control

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